There are many reasons why one attends the church they do. Some have grown up in their church, while others seek certain characteristics such as a particular denomination, or no denomination at all.  The ministries that the church offers and its style of worship, also,  have much to do with one's decision as to which church to be actively involved in.  Some like large churches, while others like a smaller church.  Some like a particular style of music in the worship service, such as contemporary praise and worship, while others like more traditional music such as hymns and still others, a combination of both.  There are so many reasons why one attends the church that they do, however, there are some things that we should do and look for as we search for just the right church.

First and foremost we should seek God's guidance.  In prayer, we should ask our Heavenly Father to lead us to the church that He would have us to be a part of.  When we do, we should be open to His leading.

Also, seek the advice of your Christian friends.  Let them know what it is that you are looking for in a church and get their recommendations.  God speaks to us many times through other Christians.

In searching for a church, those with small children and youth should find out what type of ministry the church provides for them.  It's important that all the members of the family have a place within the church. 

As you search, ask yourself the questions, "Is this a friendly church?'  Are we welcomed here?'  Is this a church where our family can be actively involved?'  Do I sense God's presence in this church?'" and "Is this a church that believes in what is written in the Bible and do they preach and teach it?"

Don't hesitate to make an appointment with the Pastor of the church you are visiting and share with him what it is that you are seeking. 

Again, one can be a Christian and not attend church, however, you will not live as good a Christian life.  You will miss out on so much that God has to offer you through the ministry of the Church.

Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.