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What is God's plan for my life? 

What is it that makes you happy; what do you really enjoy doing in life?  What have you been successful at?  It's possible that God's plan for your life can be found there.  Seek His guidance, and if you feel that God is leading you in a particular direction, move forward in faith; believing that it is God's will for you.

As we go through life, God will affirm whether or not we're on the right path.  That's why it's so important that we spend a lot of time with Him, seeking His guidance.  If we do, then we won't always be finding ourselves on the wrong path; a path which leads to nowhere.1

I do know this: God wants to be involved in the lives of His children; He wants to have a personal relationship with us; and when this life is over, He wants us to spend eternity with Him.  He also wants us to have an abundant life here and now; life on a higher spiritual plane. 

There are so many things that God wants for His children: He wants us to see things as He sees them; to have Godly wisdom and not the wisdom of the world.  He also wants us to throw off everything that would hinder us from running the race of life set before us by Him.2

Our Heavenly Father favors our lives and He wants to bless us exceedingly abundantly; physically, spiritually, and materially.  He holds us close to His heart, and through the Holy Spirit who lives within us, He transforms us more and more into the true image and likeness of His son Christ Jesus; in true righteousness and holiness (He desires that we be Christ-like.)  He also desires that we truly be the salt of the earth and the light of the world; to bring light into the darkness.  It is also our Heavenly Father's desire that we share His offer of salvation with others; that they too might have eternal life- a restored relationship with Him.  God also wants His children to build their lives on a solid foundation (His word the Bible); not on an un-solid foundation which is washed away when the storms of life come.3     

Finally, our Heavenly Father  delights in giving His children the desires of their hearts; as we delight ourselves in Him, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.4


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