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Is the viewing of pornography by a married couple wrong? Wouldn’t it be better for a wife to join her husband in doing this, rather, than, have him do it behind her back?

The same thing that makes the viewing of pornography wrong for an unmarried person, also, makes it wrong for married couples.1

Pornography entices us down a path of sin, and at the end, quite often, it leads to the death of many things, such, as, a marriage, self respect, and a close walk with our Lord etc.2

The more one dwells on pornography, the more one becomes enslaved by it.  We should not even take a second glance at pornography, for when we do, it becomes easier to take a third glance and so on.  Before we know it, we're enslaved.  We're not to let sin, which has a way of taking hold of us and not letting go, reign in our mortal bodies so that we obey its evil desires.3

It's not better for a wife to join her husband in viewing pornography in order to lend some sort of acceptability to it.  A husband caught up in this behavior needs to stop it; he needs to flee from it.


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