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Does the Bible say it's OK to have a girlfriend or boyfriend?  What about sex before marriage?

To be attracted to one of the opposite sex is natural.  God has created us as  passionate beings; for the purpose of procreation (having children.)  In fact, within a man, God has placed a hormone known as testosterone; one of the things that testosterone does is give a man a sexual desire for a woman (in a woman, it's estrogen.)  Even so, there are guidelines as to how we are to interact with those of the opposite sex; guidelines from our Heavenly Father.

First, sexual intimacy is reserved for a husband and wife within the bonds of marriage.  Its primary purpose is to carry on the human race; to fill the earth.  It is also to enhance the emotional bond between a husband and wife (the one flesh relationship;) and for their enjoyment.1

There is nothing wrong with having a girlfriend or boyfriend.  All God asks of us, however, is that we act appropriately.

As we date, we should treat our girlfriend or boyfriend with absolute purity;2 there should not even be a hint of sexual immorality.In fact, if a boyfriend and girlfriend desire to marry at some point in the future, and they cannot control their passion in the present, then they should go ahead and get married; they should not wait any longer.4

Inappropriate sexual behavior can also lead to AIDS (HIV); AIDS can be fatal.


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