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How should a married couple handle their finances?  When both the husband and wife work, is the money that each of them makes their own, or is it the family’s money?

One of the rewards of working is being able to determine, how, and on what,  our earnings will be spent. 

In one family, both the husband and wife might contribute a portion of what they earn towards the family as a whole; what is left over, is each of theirs to do with as they wish.  In another family, however, each spouse might contribute all towards the family (a community of goods.)  We see an example of members within the family of God (the Christian Church in Jerusalem) giving all to the family.  

The Bible tells us that as the early Christian Church in Jerusalem waited the return of Christ Jesus to earth, all of the believers were one in heart and mind and that no one claimed that any of his, or her, possessions were their own.They willingly shared all that they had with the other believers.  Instead of holding on to what they had, each looked upon their possessions as belonging to all within their fellowship.

Whichever way a family chooses to handle their finances, it's important that all who contribute be in agreement as to how, and on what, the money will be spent.


Bible References:

1 (Acts 4:32)

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