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I heard my Sunday School teacher say that when we die we will be in heaven for seven, or seven and a half years, and then we will be back on earth.  Can you give me more information on this subject?

At this time, when a child of God dies, their immaterial side (their soul and spirit) goes to be with the Lord in heaven.At a future date, they will be resurrected from the grave, given glorified bodies, and be taken back to heaven.  This event is known as the rapture of the Christian Church.2  Christians who are alive at the time of the rapture will also  be taken to heaven.  Both will be there for seven years before returning to earth.

At the end of the seven year period, they, Christ Jesus, and the holy angels will return.This is known as the second coming of the Lord.  It's, also, when the battle of Armageddon will take place.


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