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If a man is in the process of divorce but the divorce is not yet final, is it sin, or just immoral, to date another women before the divorce is legally final?

When a person is going through the process of a divorce, it can be lonely.  One, or both of the parties, might miss all that they had hoped for (or once had) in their marriage; the caring, the excitement, the companionship etc. ( a sense of oneness); loving and being loved.

Sometimes, we do not wait until the marriage is legally dissolved before we get back into the dating process.  Why? most likely due to loneliness. Should we wait until the marriage is legally dissolved before doing this?  Of course we should.  Why? because until the marriage is legally dissolved, you are married.  Just as it would be wrong for a married man or woman to date another while married, the same is true in this situation.

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