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What is it to be saved?

Due to our sinful nature, when we are born, we are spiritually separated from God.  If this problem is not corrected in this life, then it is carried over into the next life.  If it is, if it is carried over into the next life, then we will separated from God, for all eternity, in the lake of fire.The Bible tells us that the wage of sin is death (both physical and spiritual death.)2

When we are saved, we are saved from the wage of our sin. The good news is, that although we are separated from God due to sin, we don't have to remain in that state, God has provided the solution; the solution is found in Christ Jesus and what He did for mankind, on the cross of Calvary, when God judged the sin of the world.  As the Bible says," For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ our Lord."3



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