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Why is it that after being saved, and given new life as a born again Christian, it's still so easy to fall into sin- simple sin such as anger, selfishness, resentment?

When we become a child of God through faith in Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior, God, at that time, sends the Holy Spirit to live within us; and the indwelling Holy Spirit imparts the nature of God to us.  Unfortunately, however, our old sinful nature is still present; it is not done away with at conversion (when we are born again.)

As a child of God, we have two natures within (the old sinful nature and the new nature of God.)  As we draw closer and closer to God, as we live more and more by the leading of the Holy Spirit within, we will see less of the sinful nature manifesting itself.  Whichever nature we allow to control us, the fruit of that nature will be manifested in our life.1

In this life, we will never be above sin.  We are not to allow sin to control our lives however; to master us.  A child of God should always remember who they are (God's child) and act accordingly.


Bible References:

1 (Galatians 5:13-25)

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