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How much freedom does God give us in doing what we want in life?

In dealing with God's sovereignty and man's freedom of choice, there are two extremes.  One extreme is that man has no freedom of choice to do as he pleases, and the other extreme is that man has total freedom of choice to do as he pleases.  The truth is found in the center.

When speaking of the relationship of providence to freedom, Henry Thiessen in his book "Lectures in Systematic Theology" writes,"God sometimes allows man to do as he pleases; that is, He puts no restraints in the way of man's carrying out his wicked desires.  Also, God sometimes keeps a man from doing what, in his freedom, he would otherwise do.  He uses circumstances, the influence of friends, and inner restraints to accomplish this purpose.  Sometimes He controls sin by allowing it to go so far and no further.  Finally, God always overrules what man does in order to accomplish His own ends."

Although God has given us freedom of choice, God works out everything in conformity with the purpose of His will.It would be correct to say that God gives us freedom to do as we please, but He will keep us from doing what we would otherwise have done, in our freedom, if it is contrary to His plan and purpose.



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