When we die, do we immediately go to heaven or does our body and

soul lie in the grave until the resurrection? bible perspective

  When a baby goes to heaven, what will they look like?  How old will

they be? bible perspective

  Do animals go to heaven when they die? bible perspective

  When we get to heaven, will we be married? bible perspective

  The Bible speaks of rewards when we get to heaven.  What kind of

rewards will they be? bible perspective

  Does the Bible say that those who have died and are not saved are

able to see those who are in heaven? bible perspective

  Do we keep our memories in heaven?  If there is no sin in heaven, and

our memories may have sin in them, then, would they be allowed in heaven with us? bible perspective

  When we get to heaven, will we know each other? bible perspective

  I heard my Sunday School teacher say that when we die we will be in

heaven for seven, or seven and a half years, and then we will be back on earth.  Can you give me more information on this subject?

bible perspective

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