I want to be married.  What do I need to look for in a wife?

bible perspective

  Is it OK for a Christian to marry someone who is not a Christian?

bible perspective

  What does the Bible say about divorce and re-marriage for a Christian?

bible perspective

  I was previously married and had an affair with a woman whom I

eventually married.  I have undergone a lot of soul searching, and conviction, and have decided to leave my second wife because I feel I am in an adulteress marriage.  Could you please offer some insight into the situation? bible perspective

  If a man is in the process of divorce, but the divorce is not yet final, is

it sin, or just immoral, to date another women before the divorce is legally final? bible perspective

  Where, in the Bible, does it say that the husband is the head of the

wife? bible perspective

  If a man and woman say their marriage vows to one another with God

as their witness, does God recognize them as being married even though they have not been married legally? bible perspective

  Is it OK for a husband, or wife, to be sexually involved with someone

other than their spouse when both the husband and wife agree that it's OK? bible perspective

  Is the viewing of pornography by a married couple wrong?  Wouldn't it

be better for a wife to join her husband in doing this, rather, than, have him do it behind her back? bible perspective

  I am wondering what the Bible has to say about a friendship with the

opposite sex when you are both married?  There is a mutual agreement that we will be faithful to our spouses.  We have a great deal of interests in common and enjoy each other's perspective on life very much.

bible perspective

  What does the Bible say about marrying outside of your race?

bible perspective

  What is the biblical view on the use of contraception to prevent

pregnancy within marriage? bible perspective

  How should a married couple handle their finances?  When both the

husband and wife work, is the money that each of them makes their own, or is it the family's money? bible perspective

  What does the Bible really say about abusive relationships?

bible perspective

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