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What makes a relationship with God possible is that Christ Jesus has removed the barrier between God and mankind; a barrier due to sin.   As the Bible says, " For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just (Jesus) for the unjust (mankind), that He might bring us to God..."  No longer do we have to fear death for Christ Jesus conquered death; and He showed it by His resurrection from the grave.

On the cross of Calvary, Christ Jesus suffered and died in our place.  Why? Because we (sinful mankind) could not pay our sin debt and still have eternal life.  Sin is so serious that the wage of sin is death; physical and spiritual death.  If this problem is not corrected in this lifetime, then it is carried over into the next life.  If it is carried over into the next life,  then we will be separated from God for all eternity in the lake of fire; a place prepared for Satan and other fallen angels.

God, through Christ Jesus, has provided the way back to Him.  Because Jesus lives, we have peace with God in the present, and in the future.  There is something that we must do however in order to have a personal relationship with God.  If you would like to know what, then please



Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.