In the beginning, Lucifer or Satan was anointed as a guardian cherub angel.  On account of his splendor and beauty, however, sinful pride entered his heart and he desired to exalt himself above God; this sinful pride manifested itself in rebellion.  Not only did sin enter into the heart of Satan, but sin also entered into the heart of a third of the angels; they too followed him in rebellion.  Because of their sin, they lost their place in heaven and were cast to earth.  Presently, as they await their final place of judgment in the lake of fire (a place created for them in the outer darkness), they do everything they can to hurt mankind.  As enemies of God, they delight in hurting us, trying to get us to turn our backs on God as they did.1

In the beginning, when God created our first parents Adam and Eve, they too chose self above God; they too fell into sin.  Due to this, death, through sin, came to all of mankind.2  Why? Because each and everyone of us (with the exception of Christ Jesus) is born in sin, we inherit a sinful nature from our first parents Adam and Eve; it's passed down through procreation from generation to generation.  And due to our inherited sin, we are born spiritually dead.3  If this problem is not corrected in this life, it will be carried over into the next.4  If it is, if it is carried over, we will experience what God refers to as the second death (separation from Him for all eternity in the lake of fire with the fallen angels.) 5

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Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.