Our Life:

  What are the benefits of being in fellowship with God?

bible perspective

  Why did God put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the

Garden of Eden if He already knew that man would eat from it and fall into sin? bible perspective

  How can I live an authentic Christian life? bible perspective

  What is God's plan for my life? bible perspective

  Why are we here?  What is our purpose in life? bible perspective

How much freedom does God give us in doing what we want in life?

bible perspective

  Why is it so easy for us to sin?  Are we born this way or do we

become this way? bible perspective

  Why is it that after being saved, and given new life as a born again

Christian, it is still so easy to fall into sin - simple sin such as anger, selfishness, resentment? bible perspective

  How are we, as Christians, to be followers of God after we graduate

from school?  Life seems to get so hard. bible perspective

  Do Christians have to follow the Ten Commandments, or has God

changed things? bible perspective

  If we are forgiven our sins, why do we, as Christians, go to God and

ask forgiveness of sin? bible perspective

  Will God forgive me for repeating the same sin over and over?

bible perspective

  How can I say no to temptation when the temptation to sin is so

strong? bible perspective

  Is it true that even though God forgives us when we sin we will not be

as blessed as before? bible perspective

  What does the Bible say about borrowing money, going into debt?

bible perspective

  Does forgiving one mean that I should trust them, just because they've

asked me to do so, even though they've let me down time after time in the past? bible perspective

  Do we need to go to church and, if so, why? bible perspective

  What is fasting and why do we do it? bible perspective

  What does the Bible say about speaking in tongues?  Is it for today?

bible perspective

  If the President is a Christian, why is he willing to start and wage war

all over the globe? bible perspective

  Judges and courts condemn people to be executed.  Is this right

according to the Bible? bible perspective

  What's wrong with embryonic stem cell research if people are helped

by it? bible perspective

  If you were talking to someone who claimed that they didn't believe in

God, what would your argument be that He exists? bible perspective

  Is the exact day that we will die already determined? bible perspective

  Does the Bible say it's OK to have a girlfriend or boyfriend?  What

about sex before marriage? bible perspective

  Why does God allow suffering in the world?  If a baby is born with a

genetic disease, is this God's will? bible perspective

  Why do you believe that the Bible is inspired by God and without any

error? bible perspective

  Is it wrong for a woman to wear pants? bible perspective

  Could you please address the verses in the Bible which say that a

woman should remain silent during the church service?

bible perspective

  Does the Bible say anything about gossip? bible perspective

  Is it a sin to live a gay lifestyle?  If it is, will God still forgive me?

bible perspective

   Is it wrong to try and contact the dead as we see on television?

bible perspective

  Is it a sin to want to be cremated when we die? bible perspective

  Is smoking a cigarette a sin? Can you go to Heaven if you smoke?

bible perspective

  Is it a sin to gamble? bible perspective

  What does the Bible say about tattoos? bible perspective

  Is it OK for men to have long hair? bible perspective

  Does it say any where in the Bible that drinking alcoholic beverages,

in moderation, is a sin? bible perspective

  Now days my faith in God is so weak that I feel like giving up - I feel so

far from Him. I'm not able to pray as I did before - I feel like I've lost my faith. I know God loves me, and I want to spend time with Him, but I don't. What's wrong with me? bible perspective

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